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I have chosen Hyde Park as the place to raise my family because it’s a wonderful place to live.
We must protect what is special about our community even as we work to improve it for all
residents. I pledge to always listen to your concerns and to do my best to act on any issues that
What I Support
As a father and a teacher, I know the value of community and what we can accomplish when we
work together. I would like to see community members come together in more ways to make everyone feel welcomed. While Hyde Park has many communities for residents to join, I think that we can add a few more and include more residents. 
The town board should be transparent in its decisions. It’s amazing I even have to say that but
it unfortunately has not been the norm. As residents of Hyde Park, you deserve to know what
happens on your town board and why decisions are being made. I will make sure that
everything that should be known, will be known. If you don't agree with what the board is saying
or doing, I promise that your voice will be heard and taken into account.
Parks and Rec
Having two small children I know how important it is to be able to have safe outdoor spaces for the whole family. Hyde Park needs to be a place where families want to move to and create roots that last generations. A strong parks and rec arm of Hyde Park is paramount to our success. Residents of ages should have a safe place to hang out and have fun. Lets create a town that is inviting to all. Lets make Hyde Park a place for families to enjoy their lives together.
Town Development
Everywhere I look in our town I see potential. We need to ensure Hyde Park is attractive for
people to visit and to live. Our list of needs are long from a water and sewer district to a town
hall with digital infrastructure from this century rather than the last one. I will work with fellow
board members to get the grants we require to build a Hyde Park that we can all admire.
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