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MEET Marc 

Creating a better community for our families and neighbors.

Meet Marc Prine, a dedicated educator, community advocate, and proud New Yorker. Originally from Fishkill, Marc now resides in Hyde Park since 2020, cherishing the vibrant neighborhood community alongside his wife and two daughters. A frequent visitor to Hyde Park's trails and historic parks, Marc has fully immersed himself in the local community, making connections, and actively participating in community events.


Marc’s academic journey is impressive, with a Bachelor's degree from SUNY New Paltz and a Master's from Hofstra University graduating with distinction, both in Education.

Leveraging his academic proficiency, Marc has made significant contributions as a Lead Teacher for a Head Start program, a Learning Specialist for a Charter School in New York City, and currently as a Special Education Teacher. His commitment to providing equal opportunities and championing students' rights underlines his belief in the power of a single voice to effect change.


Possessing essential skills like knowledge of town law and ordinances, proficiency in business math and an understanding of public safety, Marc is well-geared to handle the diverse demands of a town board member role. Not to mention, he possesses strong public speaking, data analysis, decision-making skills, and most importantly, integrity.


Marc's dedication extends beyond education and into his community. Understanding the importance of comprehensive information in policy-making, he believes that each resident should have a say in the community's direction. Marc is eager to engage with pressing issues, such as the proposed Bellefield development and the state of local parks, including Pine Woods Park and Riverfront Park. He recognizes the community's concerns about the cleanliness and quality of Union Cemetery and is committed to making a difference.


With his robust professional background, strong community spirit, and commitment to acting with integrity, Marc Prine is an excellent candidate to be the Ward 1 town board member. His mission is to ensure that Hyde Park thrives and prospers, the residents' voices are heard, and their best interests are always prioritized. Through a spirit of collaboration and decisive leadership, Marc is determined to serve his community to the best of his ability.


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